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Assignment (PTLLS) : - Boundaries of Role

Adult Education Establishment provides support to students in a number of ways. Some of them are discussed in this assignment: Financial Support, Additional Learning Support, Counselling Advice and Career Advice

(Word Count approximately 900)

Assignment (PTLLS) : - Documentation

This assessment lists number of documents that are available in my course file. Selecting five documents and critically analysing their usefulness in my teaching

(Word Count approximately 900)

Assignment (PTLLS) : - Rational for devising Scheme of Work for the course I teach

This assessment evaluates the way I devised week by week teaching of my course

(Word Count approximately 320)

Assignment (PTLLS) : - Ground Rules

Approximately 700 words essay/assessment about Ground Rules and its significance and class room behaviour statistics

Assignment (PTLLS) : - Reflection on my 5 minutes ‘Micro Teaching'

Why did I select this topic?
How did I go about this?

(Word Count approximately 310)

Assignment (PTLLS) : - Reflection on my 20 minutes ‘Micro Teaching'

Why did I select this topic?
How did I go about this?

(Word Count approximately 400)

Assignment (PTLLS) : - Policy

This assignment summarises the key elements of the following Acts and relate each of them to my current teaching: Disability Discrimination Act, Sex Discrimination Act, Race Relations Act, Health and Safety at Work Act

(Word Count approximately 1200)

Assignment (PTLLS) : - Professional Code of Practice

This assessment is about the professional code of practice with reference to the Lifelong Learning UK Introduction pamphlet and how I intend to integrate the six domains (overarching standards) into my teaching

(Word Count approximately 870)

 Assignment (PTLLS) : - Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

This assessment is about my role as a teacher/tutor. Assignment covers my role which take learners from pre-enrolment advice through to showing progression, Advice and Guidance in the last session

(Word Count approximately 480)

Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS)
Level 4 Course work

Assignment (CTLLS): - Range of Teaching and Learning Techniques

In this assignment I have identified, selected, developed and explained why I use a range of teaching and learning techniques in my teaching strategy.

To conclude I have evaluated my methods and comment on their effectiveness in maximising the learning process. Also included in this assignment is a case for student-centred versus teacher-centred learning.
(Word Count approximately 2985)

Assignment (CTLLS): - Resources I use in my teaching – Advantages and Disadvantages

In this assignment I have listed seven resources and their advantages and disadvantages. They are: Whiteboard, Projector & Smart board, PowerPoint, Handouts, Computer, Books and Past Examination Paper
(Word Count approximately 800)

Assignment (CTLLS): - Communication

In this assignment, I have written an essay on my practice as a teacher on how I communicate effectively, ensure effective communication of my learners and review the learning process with them. I have also outlined the modes of communication that I use in my teaching, the potential barriers to communication when teaching, and how to motivate learners to overcome the communication barriers.
(Word Count approximately 2360)

Assignment (CTLLS): - Assessment and Feedback

In this assignment, I have explored the concept of assessment and its role (theory) in the teaching and learning cycle and then finish by evaluating (application) 3 types of assessment. Theory (What is an Assessment, Initial Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment, Self Assessment, Peer Assessment, Problems with Assessment, Internal and External Verifier): Application (Initial Assessment, Individual Learning Plan and Mock Exams (Formative, Summative and Self Evaluation)). Finally Conclusion.
(Word Count approximately 3040)


Assignment (CTLLS): - Distance Learning (e-Learning) and Motivation

In this assignment, I have discussed about Distance Learning (e-Learning) and Motivation.
(Word Count approximately 1910)

 Assignment (CTLLS): - Consider the relevancy of your teaching subject (qualifications) in terms of assisting employability and/or progression routes for your learners.
(Word Count approximately 430)


Assignment (CTLLS): - In this assignment, I summarised five important ways in which the education I provide links with profession I am preparing students for.
(Word Count approximately 400)


Assignment (CTLLS): - Consider the effectiveness of your strategies for updating your subject knowledge in order to maintain your value and currency as a teacher.
(Word Count approximately 970)


Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS)
Level 5 Course work

Curriculum Development and Inclusive Practice
Critical Appraisal: Critically analyse the significance of theories, principles and models of inclusive curriculum to the design and implementation of programmes of study, within two different contexts

(Word Count approximately 3040)

Reflection on Curriculum Development and Inclusive Practice

(Word Count approximately 540)

Wider Professional Practice


Critical Incident – Assignment Criteria A

(Word Count approximately 880)

Course Review – Assignment Criteria B

(Word Count approximately 900)

Your Organisational Chart – Assignment Criteria C

(Word Count approximately 530)

A Government Initiative (Apprenticeship Programme) – Assignment Criteria D

(Word Count approximately 900)

Reflection on Wider Professional Practice

(Word Count approximately 510)

Action Research

Theory and Principles of Action Research – Assignment Criteria A

(Word Count approximately 1660)

How can an Initial Assessment that I have devised myself help me to tailor my teaching to satisfy individual learner needs? – Assignment Criteria B

(Word Count approximately 3560)

Reflection on Action Research

(Word Count approximately 460)

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