Assignment (CTLLS): - Range of Teaching and Learning Techniques

Assignment (CTLLS): - Resources I use in my teaching – Advantages and Disadvantages

In this assignment I have listed seven resources and their advantages and disadvantages. They are: Whiteboard, Projector & Smart board, PowerPoint, Handouts, Computer, Books and Past Examination Paper
(Word Count approximately 872)


Assignment (CTLLS): - Communication

In this assignment, I have written an essay on my practice as a teacher on how I communicate effectively, ensure effective communication of my learners and review the learning process with them. I have also outlined the modes of communication that I use in my teaching, the potential barriers to communication when teaching, and how to motivate learners to overcome the communication barriers.
(Word Count approximately 2420)


Assignment (CTLLS): - Assessment and Feedback

In this assignment, I have explored the concept of assessment and its role (theory) in the teaching and learning cycle and then finish by evaluating (application) 3 types of assessment. Theory (What is an Assessment, Initial Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment, Self Assessment, Peer Assessment, Problems with Assessment, Internal and External Verifier): Application (Initial Assessment, Individual Learning Plan and Mock Exams (Formative, Summative and Self Evaluation)). Finally Conclusion.
(Word Count approximately 3100)


Assignment (CTLLS): - Distance Learning (e-Learning) and Motivation

In this assignment, I have discussed about Distance Learning (e-Learning) and Motivation.
(Word Count approximately 1955)


Assignment (CTLLS): - Consider the relevancy of your teaching subject (qualifications) in terms of assisting employability and/or progression routes for your learners.
(Word Count approximately 470)


Assignment (CTLLS): - In this assignment, I summarised five important ways in which the education I provide links with profession I am preparing students for.
(Word Count approximately 460)


Assignment (CTLLS): - Consider the effectiveness of your strategies for updating your subject knowledge in order to maintain your value and currency as a teacher.
(Word Count approximately 1001)

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